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The most beautiful walking and hiking trials in Auvergne

France has some of the best hiking trails in Europe. Auvergne hiking has some fantastic trails worth taking. Now you can take advantage of our Smooth Rate and save up to 30%* when booking our hotels while walking in the Auvergne. Read on for a list of the best hikes in France and enjoy an authentic experience in our hotels nearby.

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1. Chiloza falls

The Massif central mountains are home to some of the best hiking trials France has to offer. This route in Couze Pavin will take you past the Chiloza falls, a gorgeous waterfall nestled in the mountains. A relatively easy walk that can be done in under 2 hours.

Where to stay near Chiloza falls? The Auberge De La Petite Ferme, The Originals Relais run by Stéphanie and Didier is a cosy hotel close to the trail and perfect while walking in the Auvergne. With an onsite spa, where you can pamper yourself and relax after a long walk.

2. Lac de Chambol Murol

See the gorgeous Lac Chambon as you circle around the lake and the surrounding area on this hike. This is one of the longer hiking trials France has to offer at over 4 hours, so worth a stay along the way for more leisurely travellers.

Our favourite hotel near Lac de Chambol Murol: Hôtel Le Pariou, The Originals Boutique offers both a comfy place to sleep and a restaurant with a fantastic array of French cuisine on offer.

3. The Puy de Sancy from Courrey Valley

Somewhat challenging by Auvergne hiking standards, with a route of 7km, it is recommended for experienced hikers, so bring good shoes. For those who hike this trail will definitely enjoy some gorgeous views through a conservation area.

Recommended hotel: The Auberge De La Petite Ferme, The Originals Relais is nearby to this hike

4. Puy de Dôme through the Col de Ceyssat

One of the most popular hikes is Col de Ceyssat. Climb 2 volcanoes in this short but intense hike in the Massif central mountains. The summit overlooking the La Bourboule spa is fantastic year round.

A cosy place to stay: Hôtel Clermont-Ferrand Sud Aubière, The Originals City is located near this trail.

5. Trials of the druits

Walk through meadows, streams and ancient mills in one of the best hikes in France. An easy walk with spectacular views that takes around 2 hours.

A place to stay near Trials of the druits: Clos St Eloi, The Originals Relais is a 4 star hotel with an amazing onsite restaurant where you can try the authentic local cuisine with fresh and seasonal products of the area.

6. Waterfall and circuit of Montréal

Hike past a waterfall and enjoy a panoramic view of the Brezons Valley in this scenic hike. This is an easy walk and makes a great choice for those with kids who want to start hiking.

Recommended hotel: Hôtel Saint-Flour, The Originals Access is a great, pet-friendly hotel nearby the circuit.

7. Villages of Fontanges

Soak in the culture with a walk among the traditional French villages of Fontanges. This is an easy walk of around an hour that will take you through the streets of a small, French village. Perfect whether for couples or families.

Recommended hotel: Hôtel Aurillac Aéroport, The Originals Access is situated along the Jordanne river and offers fantastic views.