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Buy a cancellation insurance

Your trip cancellation insurance with SafeBooking

You planned to go on holiday?
An unexpected event (water damage, theft identity, hospitalization...) disrupts your plans and you must cancel everything, even if it means losing the costs incurred. To avoid this situation, take out a cancellation insurance with our partner SafeBooking. 
Simple and intuitive, from the subscription to the claim report, everything is done in just a few clicks on the SafeBooking website. Refunds are guaranteed in less than 72 hours! 

How do I subscribe? 

  1. Book your stay on our website 
  2. A booking confirmation is sent to you by email with a link to the cancellation insurance subscription page.
  3. Once on the partner's website, enter your holiday dates, the booking amount and follow the instructions. 
  4. That's it, you have subscribed to your cancellation insurance **. 

*For more information on the conditions for taking out a cancellation insurance with our partner, you can read this information notice
**The Originals Human Hotels and Resorts declines all responsibility on the cancellation insurance in the event of a claim between the customer and the SafeBooking partner.