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The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts has a wide choice of destinations for you. With 6 categories and over 500 hotels across 11 countries in Europe and around the world, you are sure to find the destination which will make your trip a unique moment.

Travel all over France and cross landscapes as varied as they are exceptional. Explore the coast of Brittany, visit the Châteaux de la Loire, sample exceptional wines or bask in the sun on the coast of the Bordeaux region or the Côte d’Azur. Marvel at the customs and traditions of each region which our hoteliers will be keen to share with you.  

Longing for the Dolce Vita? Go and explore Italy. A country packed with surprises. In the north, cross the alpine landscape of the Piedmont region; explore Liguria, between sea and mountains, or Lombardy which will charm you with its medieval monuments and typical little villages. Further south, enjoy the beauty of the moment by heading to Campania, Apulia, Sardinia or Sicily with a mixture of baroque art, ancient towns and islands with paradise beaches.  

Take a break between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. Marvel at the beauty of Spain. Travel to cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and discover their secrets and hidden treasures. From Dali to Gaudi, not forgetting Miro, many painters have left their mark. The architecture is just as stunning, such as the Alhambra in Grenada.  

Get away to Germany, a country with strong traditions. Enjoy its peaceful landscapes.  Admire the gothic cathedrals and baroque churches. Visit its many museums which are among the best in the world such as the Pergamon museum in Berlin.

 Also explore Poland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada or French Guiana and stay in our exceptional hotels with their unique charm.


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Stretching from the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel, France occupies a total land area of more than 643,000 square kilometers.


Follow in the footsteps of Goethe, Bach or Beethoven in romantic Germany, country of culture and legendary cities. Embark on an amazing journey through this country of contrasts, offering both, rural peace and beauty and urban vibrancy.


A landlocked country in central Europe, Austria has a well-deserved reputation for some of the best skiing resorts in the world.


Belgium is a wonderful place to stay with lots of historic buildings, excellent beer and exciting things to do and see.

Centre-Val de Loire

Better known to many tourists as Centre-Val de Loire, Centre is one of the 18 administrative regions that make up France.


The largest of the 18 different administrative regions of France, Nouvelle Aquitaine was formed when the three sub-regions of Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes and Limousin merged together.



Brittany is a region found within north-western France. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and to the south, this large peninsula has been an important cultural hub since at least the fifth millennium BCE.


A region of France that was formed from bringing together Languedoc-Roussillon an Midi-Pyrénées together in 2016, Occitanie is in the south of the country, bordering Spain and Andorra.


The capital of France, Paris is synonymous with style, sophistication and – above all – romance. Whether strolling along the banks of the Seine River or exploring the café culture of Montmartre, the city has so much to offer. Paris is packed with glorious 19th-century architecture, modern art, must-see, do and visit attractions and much more besides.


Located in the northern portion of France and approximately 110 kilometres south of Paris, the city of Orleans is the capital of the Centre-Val de Loire region.


Tours is a city nestled within the western and central portion of France.


Colmar is a large city located within the Alsace region of north-eastern France.

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