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The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts is a hotel brand made up of a vast community of men and women united by the same vision of travel and hospitality in France and worldwide.


The more globalised and standardised the world becomes, the more we want to experience something authentic when we travel. Whether we’re stopping off for a few hours or a few days, for work or for pleasure, there’s nothing more exciting than chatting with locals and feeling the soul of a place.

At The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts, we believe that beyond every anonymous hotel there is a hotelier, beyond every city there is a neighbourhood vibe, and beyond every room there is service: the human touch. This is why each of us remains an independent hotelier and an artisan. We are as much of a movement as we are a brand.

Passion is what led each of us to build or invest in our hotel and choose this profession. Each of us offers one or several unique experiences. From luxury to budget hotels, the various categories all share the same commitment to quality and comfort, though each hotel approaches this in its own, personal way.

The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts are a new way of making the most of local life. A new way of experiencing a hotel with a more personal, authentic and human touch.

Our Values


At The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts, we think that, in a world that is becoming more standardised all the time, the human touch is the only source of true authenticity, creating a real encounter with a place, a culture and other people. Each of our establishments is headed by an independent hotelier with his own unique story and who is passionate about what he does.

Our Values


At The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts, we think that each individual and each location offers something unique to discover, to experience and to share. Each of our hoteliers is a perfect ambassador for local life.

Our Values


At The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts, all of our hoteliers have something unique to share: a recipe, a moment, a passion, a history. It is this diversity of unique experiences that makes each stay more authentic, human and memorable.

Our Values


At The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts, each hotelier remains independent with his own style, character and qualities. Most have created their hotels from scratch or invested in a unique place and are not about to give up on that uniqueness or on the independence that expresses their personality so well.


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Hotel des Marins, Saint-Malo

This hotel is signatory of The Originals Health Commitment Charter.

A hotel nestled in the ramparts of the Pirate City. Comfort and a friendly welcome await. Welcome you are in Saint-Malo.

Hotel Acadie, Paris Parc des Expositions Villepinte

This hotel is signatory of The Originals Health Commitment Charter.

There are some hotels where you feel at home and that you enjoy coming back to time and again. Welcome to Patricia Guitoger's place.

La Berteliere Rouen

The closeness of Rouen. The calm of the countryside. An acclaimed restaurant. Welcome to Anibal Da Silva’s place.

Hotel Rouen South Oissel

This hotel is signatory of The Originals Health Commitment Charter.

The standard of the hospitality. Friendliness and effectiveness. Comfort in the heart of Upper Normandy. Welcome to Cyril Dalonneau’s hotel.

Villa Sassolini Luxury Boutique Hotel

Romanticism and "art de vivre" in Tuscany, the elegance of an Italian villa and the beauty of the Chianti hillsides. Welcome to Massimo Tani and Riccardo Costanti's hotel.

Le Cise

Peace, sea and luxury. The delight of a journey through time. The elegance of the Picardy coastline. Welcome to Éric Joswiak's hotel in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Hotel Anaïade, Saint-Nazaire

A warm and modern hotel. An excellent welcome. Close proximity to Saint-Nazaire and the beaches. Welcome to Claudie Cojean's hotel.

Hotel Ginkgo

This hotel is signatory of The Originals Health Commitment Charter.

A passion for welcoming and the charm of Brittany. Elegance and originality. Exoticism and wellness. Welcome to Brittany.

Hotel Palazzo Lovera

This hotel is signatory of The Originals Health Commitment Charter.

The charm of Cuneo or Coni, city of art and history, a tradition of hospitality and excellence, the art of the Italian lifestyle. Welcome to Stefania and Giorgio Chiesa's hotel.

Hotel Loval, Brest

This hotel is signatory of The Originals Health Commitment Charter.

Efficiency and friendliness. A warm Brittany welcome. Welcome to M. and Miss Gransart's hotel.

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For 50 years, our passionate hoteliers have welcomed you and cultivated their diversity to best meet your expectations. Find below all our historical brands.


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