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The Originals City Hotel Le Causséa, Castres

Hotel Le Causséa The Originals City (Inter-Hotel)

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With over 20 years of business experience, Philippe and his wife Hélène have made this hotel into a friendly, genuine place, where simplicity is everything. Guests’ welcome is exactly the same: honest and sincere. The Originals City, Hotel Le Causséa, Castres is in a tranquil spot, perched just across from the Black Mountain near Castres and surrounded by nature. This modern 3-star hotel offers a comfortable stay to couples, friends, families and colleagues: the 40 rooms are quietly comfortable, practical, and fully-equipped. “We want our clients to be happy here, and feel almost like they’re in their own home,” explains Philippe. His love for taking care of his guests also extends to their stomachs, as seen by the excellent restaurant on offer here. It is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to sail the Tarn, or simply visit Castres.

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The Originals City, Hotel Le Causséa, Castres

For Hélène and Philippe, friendliness is key. But high-quality service is also crucial. Their hotel is therefore the result of a subtle blend of seriousness, efficiency, and sincere hospitality. Visitors are sure to find its 40 contemporary and relaxing rooms - 2 of which are adapted for mobility-impaired guests - as comfortable as can be and fully equipped with everything they might need. Its ambiance makes this the perfect place to relax and take time for yourself.

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The Originals City, Hotel Le Causséa, Castres

Pin 38, avenue de la Montagne Noire ZAC du Causse Espace Entreprises 81100 Castres, France


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The Originals City, Hotel Le Causséa, Castres

Hélène and Philippe attach great importance to wonderful hospitality and genuine warmth. This is why guests at The Originals City, Hotel Le Causséa, Castres restaurant are guaranteed both a fabulous time and culinary delights, all in a most enjoyable setting. The same goes for breakfast, which is served as a generous continental buffet and can be taken outside on the terrace.

Please note that our half-board service is closed on Friday evening, Saturday lunchtime and Sunday evening. Thank you for your understanding.

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Restaurant manager and chef Thierry Mettler has more than a few tricks up his sleeve for you. Dishes are delicate, classic food is cooked inventively, local and seasonal produce is selected with care, and regional traditions are both respected and restyled. Menus are adapted to suit diners, some of whom are pressed for time and others who are less so. Lamb shanks braised with thyme and Lautrec Pink Garlic is definitely one to try. As is the chiffonnade of cured ham, the sweet-spiced fillet of duck with honey, or the fillet of wild turbot with cockles marinière.

Half-board is closed on Friday evening, Saturday lunchtime and Sunday evening. 

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Castres is a picturesque town in the region of Occitanie, with a number of beautiful architectural surprises in store for you. Not least of which are the wonderful homes of the weavers, dyers and tanners built along the banks of the Agout on the Quai des Jacobins. Some of them even date back to the Middle Ages. The Episcopal See and the garden designed by André Le Nôtre, the Place Jean-Jaurès, and the walls of the 17th-century mansions are all also worth a visit. Castres is also home to a wonderful museum dedicated to Goya.
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Only 1 hour away from Castres is the lofty town of Cordes, where you’ll find one of the most unmissable sights that this wonderful region has to offer. Wandering through these cobbled streets, lined with an incredible array of Gothic buildings (from the 18th and 19th centuries) is a must. As is admiring the sculpture work decorating the pink-hued and shimmering grey Salles sandstone walls. Must-sees include the Maison du Grand-Fauconnier, which houses the Yves Brayer modern and contemporary art museum, and the Maison du Grand Veneur.
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The hotel acts as an excellent base for excursions to the Sidobre, the Lacaune Mountains and the Black Mountain. The geological phenomenon of the Sidobre is an “island of granite”. The area contains around a hundred km² of unique landscape, the likes of which cannot be seen anywhere else in Europe: gigantic balls of stone, which almost seem as if they've been thrown by the hands of giants... Alongside the Haut Languedoc regional nature reserve, the Black Mountain is a well-preserved area of wild natural beauty. Its northern face is covered in dark forests of beeches, oaks, firs and spruces. The south side, towards the Lauragais and Minervois plains, is strewn with broom, scrubland, vines and olive trees.
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A 40-minute drive from Castres, this town is worth mentioning due to its impressive fortified cathedral, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Cecilia, and the Berbie Palace.

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This is a modern room with plenty of natural light and a floorspace of 55m². It is well equipped and can be set up in either a classroom or conference style. It is also air-conditioned and offers a free Wi-Fi connection.

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This 180m² hall enjoys plenty of natural light, and can be set up in either a classroom or conference style. It is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Interior of a meeting room at The Originals Hôtel Le Causséa
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Meet our hoteliers

Meet the Verollet and their 3-star hotel in Castres, Tarn Region
“A warm welcome and high-quality service are my top priorities. But what am I most proud of? When my clients come back because of the hotel staff.”

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