Since May 2020, in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities and representatives of the profession, The Originals Hotels has established a comprehensive health protocol. 

Each hotel is responsible for implementing the rules of this protocol by adapting them to its establishment (its size, destination and services). They do everything possible to ensure that your stay takes place in the best possible sanitary and comfort conditions. 


In order to concretize this approach and prove their commitment to you, the hotels marked with this logo have signed our Health Commitment Charter, which includes the 20 main health rules of our protocol.  

Our staff is trained and committed:

1 - A health protocol that integrates all of the risks related to VIDOC-19 into our internal procedures and documents (in accordance with The Originals* health protocol).

2 - A health referent is in charge of ensuring the correct application of this protocol. 

3 - Our teams have been trained in the new protocol and the new rules of their workstation. 

4 - Our teams have the necessary protective and work equipment related to these new rules.

5 - We have clear procedures in place in the event that a suspected or confirmed case is detected within the institution. 

New rules to guarantee a safe welcome :

6 - Physical distancing is ensured by clearly identified traffic direction and waiting areas. As well as protective devices to respect the distances between employees and customers (e.g. protective panels at the reception desk, visors etc...) and the posting of information for customers on the right gestures to adopt. 

7 - Hydroalcoholic gel is made available to customers in key areas of the common areas. Put all linen to be replaced in a bag provided for this purpose.

8 - All staff wear masks and wash their hands regularly. Wearing a mask is also mandatory for clients when moving around in common areas and eating areas.

9 - Absence of flyers, newspapers and other self-service items (e.g. candy) on the reception counter and in the rooms. Otherwise, guests are asked to disinfect their hands before helping themselves.1

10 - Payment by credit card is preferred. The customer is asked to disinfect his hands before using the payment terminal or the latter is disinfected after each manipulation. 

11 - The magnetic keys/cards in the rooms are disinfected after each departure.

Meals in total serenity :

12 - For your comfort and in order to limit the number of guests, we have arranged the timetables and the catering areas (1 m distance between each table and respect of the limited number of guests per table). Booking in advance or enlargement of the time slots according to our organization).  .

13 - Whatever its configuration (buffet, table service, takeaway or room service), breakfast has been rethought, with particular attention paid to the protection of food and respect for physical distance throughout the service. 

14 - The tables are disinfected after each customer. We have opted for contactless cards/menus or plastic cards disinfected between each customer.  

15 - In the kitchen and in the office, reinforcement of hygiene measures for the reception and management of goods.  

Reinforced cleaning and disinfection :

16 - Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all contact points in common areas.

17 - Our procedures are specific for a reinforced cleaning and disinfection of the rooms. 

18 - We keep the treatment of clean and dirty linen well separated. The cleaning of the laundry follows the appropriate rules and temperatures (+60°C).

19 - We use cleaning and disinfection products recommended by the authorities. 

20 - Reinforcement of the monitoring and cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems. The use of fans is not allowed.

This charter commits our entire team to make your stay a peaceful experience. Help us to guarantee your safety and that of our employees by respecting barrier gestures and rules of physical distancing.