These exceptional health measures are specific to the reception of customers and are subject to change. 
This document has been drawn up to limit the risks of propagation of the COVID 19 virus within the establishment in order to preserve the health safety of hotel guests and staff. 
A signed copy of this document must be given by each occupant on the day of arrival.


1.    Each team member wears a mask and gloves for any transfer of material of any kind and records his or her temperature at the time of taking over and at the time of debauchery.
2.    The cleaning and disinfection protocols of the facility have been modified and reinforced with virucidal cleaning products.
3.    The single occupational risk assessment document is up to date with regard to measures to prevent the risks of contamination and contagion.
4.    Staff on the floors are individually equipped with disposable masks, gloves and gowns.
5.    Automatic dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel are installed at staff crossing points and in common areas for customers.
6.    6. Protective glass surrounds the hotel reception area.
7.    Payment by credit card is preferred, the payment terminals have been changed so that the customer inserts his own credit card.
8.    The dematerialization of the invoices will be systematically proposed to you.
9.    The social distance is materialized in the hall in front of the access to the reception.
10.    Breakfast is served in the form of a tray in room service and left in front of the door of the room at the set time.  Orders are made on arrival. 
11.    Due to the anti COVID 19 measures some of our services are temporarily suspended or closed: The breakfast room, the cold and hot drinks vending machines, the microwave, the toilets at the reception desk (this list is not exhaustive).


1.   Smoking and cooking are not allowed in the rooms.
2.    All meal deliveries must be ordered, paid for and collected by you. No outside person who is not a client of the establishment will be allowed to enter without individual protection.
3.    During your stay, no cleaning will be done in the room. 
4.    Due to the anti COVID 19 measures, it is forbidden to gather in the common areas of the establishment: breakfast room, corridors...
5.    At the end of breakfast, the client must leave his tray in the corridor in front of his room door.
6. Wearing a mask is mandatory in the common areas.


The hotelier undertakes to implement and respect the barrier measures as specified on the https site ://, section "health instructions".
 Being aware that these exceptional arrangements are put in place to offer the best compromise between the quality of service during my stay and the guarantee of health security for myself and the people with whom I will be in contact during the pandemic period, I affirm that I will do my utmost to respect them as scrupulously as possible.

Done in...................., on .................../2020