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Central Germany

Travel Guide of Central Germany

Central Germany may not have the coastline of the north, nor the impressive mountains of the south but it remains a popular place to take a holiday with many visitors who fall for its charms. The largest city in the central part of Germany is Frankfurt which is one of the country's most important economic centres. Other major population centres include Darmstadt, Kassel and Weimer, the former home of the great writers Goethe and Schiller. Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald and Naturpark Hochtaunus are two fine areas of natural parkland in the region that our hoteliers recommend exploring. are well worth exploring.

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Transports in Central Germany

The road network in Central Germany is well-maintained and easy to navigate. You can get to every other part of the country with ease using its Autobahnen, or motorways. If you want to get between cities, then take an IC, or inter-city train. ICE stands for inter-city express. For services that stop at smaller towns and villages, you should take an R, or regional, train.

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To be frank, any time of the year is a good one to choose to come to Central Germany. Many visitors head further south in the summer to Bavaria so coming in July or August makes sense if you want to visit a less crowded part of Germany. Darmstadt holds a long series of musical events and concerts throughout the summer, too. A documentary film festival is staged annually in Kassel which makes it a good place to head in the late autumn.


Central Germany offers something for everyone with plenty of activities and things to do and to keep you occupied. Our hoteliers are the experts of the region, therefore the guide of the Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts is a must read before traveling to Central Germany.

German architecure

The German Architecture Museum is a great place to head on a rainy day. It is located in Frankfurt and is not far from the German Film Museum, either.


Wiesbaden is the place to head to if you want to chill out in style. It is a spa town where you can get a massage, enjoy a hydrotherapy or simply sip some herbal tea in fine surroundings.


The regional capital of Erfurt has some great karting facilities which run whatever the weather. Booking in advance is advisable.

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The best restaurants in Central Germany

The city of Frankfurt caters for some of the most sophisticated palates in Europe and it is here you will find the region's best fine dining restaurants. Try Seven Swans in the heart of the city where high standards of culinary excellence are the norm.