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North Germany

Welcome to North Germany

The regions of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Lower Saxony are some of the least visited of all those in Germany but the wider north of the country has plenty to offer tourists. Whether you are seeking a pleasant seaside resort on the North German Baltic coast or want to explore the countryside of the formerly independent regions of Brunswick close to the Harz mountains, there is plenty to explore. North Germany is markedly different from other regions of the country with a distinctive cultural identity that many visitors find welcoming and one to which they choose to return. Our hoteliers know perfectly the region; follow their recommendation on things to do and visit in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania & Lower Saxony.

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Transports in North Germany

Deutsche Bahn offers plenty of rail services between the bigger towns in North Germany as well as all of the cities, such as Hanover, Rostock, Kiel and Bremen. Bus services tend to be relied upon by locals for onward travel to more rural locations. The road network is exceptional and few regions of Europe can match it for efficiency. 

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The Best Time to Go to North Germany

Many visitors to this part of the country choose to come in the run-up to Christmas when just about every town and city holds a market that sells gifts and decorations for the festive season. The city of Lüneburg holds several annual summer festivals, mostly focussed on popular music. The Bremen Beer Festival has been running for nearly a thousand years and it is the oldest of its type in the north. It runs from late October into the start of November.

Things to do in Northern Germany

North Germany has plenty of activities to keep even the most active of visitor fully occupied. Follow our hoteliers’ recommendations to visit Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.



The pleasant city of Oldenburg is a centre for equestrianism and you can enjoy plenty of horse-based activities in the area that are suited to novices as well as expert riders.



A great activity for families, the farm-based adventure park in Rostock known as Karl's Village offers plenty of amusement for young and old.



The Kiel canal links the city to the Baltic Sea and you can sail on it or take one of the many waterborne guided tours of the area.

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The best restaurants in North Germany

Although fish is on the menu in many coastal restaurants, much of North Germany's cuisine is based on pork products.



You can sample a bit of both in some fine surroundings at VLET in der Speicherstadt which is located in central Hamburg.