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South Germany

Travel Guide of South Germany

This region is, for many people, the epitome of what southern Germany is all about. In fact, South Germany is made up of Baden-Württemberg, in the west, as well as Bavaria, to the east. Bavaria - with its famous lakes, mountains and world-famous love of beer – is where many tourists choose to head to enjoy some of the most stunning countryside that is to be found anywhere in Europe. Let yourself be tempted by Baden-Württemberg with its historical cities, greens mountains and health resorts.

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Transports in South Germany

Train services run all over this part of the country linking nearly every major town with its nearest city. Booking by a group ticket can bring about considerable cost savings. Day passes are also a good option if you intend doing multiple journeys in the course of one day. Only in the most rural locations will you need to rely on a car to get about.

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When the springtime flowers are starting to come into bloom, South Germany is irresistibly beautiful. Many people come when it is hottest, however, which means July and August most years. The city of Bayreuth is famous for its annual music festival dedicated to the works or Richard Wagner. It takes place in mid-summer although the city also hosts a beer festival earlier in the calendar.

What to do in South Germany ?

South Germany is a dramatic place with many things to keep you entertained. Our hoteliers are the experts of the region, therefore the guide of the Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts is a must read before traveling or visiting Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.



Unless it has frozen over, boats run on lake Königsee in the remarkable Berchtesgaden National Park which is a great way to see the area.



Munich has a great activity for the adventurous because you can traverse a zip wire called Flying Fox that runs over its famous stadium, built to host the Olympics.



Nuremberg, which lies in Middle Franconia, holds Blaue Nacht every year in May when you can go into its many museums and stay there until the early hours without needing to move on.



Discover the capital of Baden-Württemberg and known for its automotive industry. It attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its Christmas Market. It will seduce fine arts lovers thanks to its National Opera (the Spaatsoper) or its various museums. Come to the annual wine festival to taste the best wines of the region.


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The best restaurants in South Germany

Known for its wine production rather than for beer, Würzburg, is a great place to go for fine dining. Steinburg's Restaurant is a good example of the traditional setting you can enjoy to sample some of the best cuisine in South Germany.