Our charming hotels

The promise of a special moment

In The Originals Collection and The Originals Relais hotels, there is always a little something that transforms your night in a charming hotel into a true memory of a life: a pass to tranquility, the promise of a privileged moment, beyond time.

In the city or in an old farmhouse, nestled in a forest, a boutique hotel in Normandy or sheltered from the stones of a manor house, these establishments are distinguished by the spirit that inhabits them. Charm, style, atmosphere, gastronomy, hospitality or experience you live: nothing is left to chance.

The touch of our hoteliers makes the experience complete. Welcoming you and making you discover the most exquisite flavors, beautiful landscapes and emotions, sharing with you the originality of their universe: this is the mission they are committed to make you live.

Human, local and a unique experience: the whole philosophy of The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts is united in our most charming hotels in France and abroad.