Starred Restaurant Experience

To those who think cooking is a serious matter: then you’re in for a big treat! Our hoteliers the Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts cooked up the Starred Restaurant offer for your local getaways to be true moments of gastronomic discoveries. Each night spent in one of our participating hotels, you can enjoy a breakfast and experience a star gourmet dinner.  

In our starred restaurants, famous chefs are in charge and are devoted to make you taste the wonders of their (local) specialties through a passionate cuisine combining tradition and modernity, using refined goods. Our ingredients are most of them local and traditionally produced. Taking a seat in these restaurants is being certain to spend a moment rich in flavors and emotion. Each starter, main and dessert have been cooked up to generate a pure and memorable experience. All this not only through subtle combinations of flavors, but also perfectly cooked thanks to amazing complementary textures. As all The Originals, Human Hotels & Resort, they are devoted to share with you what moves them. Taste here the experience.


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