The Originals Open

Want to change scenery while homeoffice?

With The Originals Open, change scenery without setting foot in the office and enjoy a workspace in the heart of the most beautiful destinations in a selection of our hotels.

Work in a friendly space while bringing a little softness and comfort to your day.
The offer includes : 


  • Free access to the co-working spaces in our hotels
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Electrical outlets near the tables.
  •  Free WiFi.

So come and settle down with your computer in the hotel bar, the cozy breakfast room or the lobby. Enjoy a good hot drink made by the hotel barista during a remote meeting with your colleagues, treat yourself to a delicious meal prepared by our chefs*... And after a day at work, air out your mind while enjoying the hotel's spa, the fitness room or the swimming pool*. 

Don't wait any longer to book and take advantage of our The Originals Open offer!

*Services not included in the offer

Please note: These services are subject to a health pass, please find the information on the following page.


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