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We are a group of over 600 hoteliers, proud of our local roots and determined to offer you a more personal, more authentic,
more human hotel experience in Europe and across the world.

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This beautiful chalet is in Brandenburg, between Berlin and Cottbus, with a style that is reminiscent of an East Germany from days gone by. Antje’s romantic, charming hotel, Kur und Wellnesshaus Spreebalance, The Originals Relais, sits at the heart of the pretty spa town of Burg. It is here that she indulges freely in her passion: welcoming her guests. Spoiling them, even, in this 4-star establishment where hospitality is synonymous with celebration. “Greeting guests with a sincerely warm welcome is our top priority,” she says.

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Dominating the Thionville skyline with its 14 floors, the Concorde is a legend in this beautiful Lorraine city. “It’s a bit like the town’s very own Eiffel Tower”, explains Claude, who has owned the hotel since May 2016. Though his career has taken him away from the region at times, this particular businessman has always been very fond of the area. Claude jumped at the chance to take it over. “I knew a fresh concept would work here.” The Originals City, Hotel Le Concorde Panoramique, Thionville reopened its doors in May 2017 with 26 fully-renovated rooms, alongside a restaurant that has been transformed into a gourmet rooftop bar. 

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We want our clients to be happy here, and feel almost like they’re in their own home,” explains Hélène. With over 20 years of business experience, Helène and her husband Philippe have made this hotel into a friendly, genuine place, where simplicity is everything. Guests’ welcome is exactly the same: honest and sincere. The Originals City, Hotel Le Causséa, Castres is in a tranquil spot, perched just across from the Black Mountain near Castres and surrounded by nature.

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Olivier has made this castle, located close to Amboise, a haven of peace with new-found authenticity. Despite a tormented past, this beautiful 19th century residence has become an elegant and warm castle hotel in Loire Valley. And it's in the Cisse Valley, in Nazelles-Négron, nestled in a natural setting, where the Château de Perreux, The Originals Collection welcomes you for a timeless stay. 


We don’t all want or need the same hotel. Whatever your budget or the reason for your stay, and whether you are looking for luxury, coziness or functionality, your host will ensure that you enjoy the very best his establishment has to offer.

The Originals Collection offers a selection of premium hotels.

With The Original Relais hotels, the experience is simple and intense. Live it. Feel it.

The Originals Boutique, urban hotels with personality.

The Originals City: city hotels, perfect for a professional or family trip.

At The Originals Residence, enjoy the independence of living in an apartment with the conveniences of a hotel.

The Originals Access has put the soul back into budget hotels.

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Culture and Nature Experience : the price of the stay includes a breakfast and a sports or cultural activity for 2 people.



Live the present moment, unique in each of our hotels: the simplicity of a walk, a well-being moment at a spa, sharing their passion during an oenology initiation...

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Enjoy a discount of up to 15% on the price of your room to enjoy the best of local life by booking 15 days before your arrival.

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Popular destinations


Follow in the footsteps of Goethe, Bach or Beethoven in romantic Germany, country of culture and legendary cities. Embark on an amazing journey through this country of contrasts, offering both, rural peace and beauty and urban vibrancy.



Colmar is a large city located within the Alsace region of north-eastern France.



Nice is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes département of France and it boasts a population of approximately one million residents.



Each hotelier will be eager to offer you or guide you towards a unique experience. Experiences that will give you a taste of their neighbourhood, town or country and its culture. Experiences that will introduce you to interesting people, stimulate your emotions and forge memories.

The Originals Boutique, Hôtel Victoria, Fontainebleau


It's impossible to stay in Fontainebleau without taking the time to visit its château which has played witness to a succession of France's kings and emperors, from Philip Augustus to Napoleon III. Walkers will love to walk in the château gardens or the huge forest. Climbers will be sure to scale the hidden rocks in the forest. For a unique experience, opt for a hot air balloon ride and take in the town, château and forest in one go! Fans of art and belles-lettres can't miss a visit to Barbizon, the 'village of painters', Jean Cocteau's house in Milly-la-Forêt or Mallarmé in Vulaines. 

LeCoq-Gadby, The Originals Relais


There’s a small indoor pool, Nordic sauna and traditional (pay-to-use) steam room. What are you waiting for? And why not treat yourself to a customised (face and body) treatment at the hotel salon? Inspired by her orchard and the history of Brittany, Véronique has created her own range of cosmetic products from cider apples. As you would expect, all are ecological and ethical.

Château de Nieuil, The Originals Collection


Cognac and its magnificent museum are one hour’s drive from the hotel. A museum devoted to Cognac and its history. Partly set in the Perrin de Boussac hotel (1567) and built onto 17th-century remains, this museum give a fascinating retrospective of the jobs and techniques related to this brandy. The exhibition is visual, olfactory and audio allowing you to appreciate over one thousand products from the region and showing the expertise and creativity of the cognac industry.

The Originals City, Hotel Le Barry, Toulouse North


This remarkable building with its stunning architecture is an integral part of the Pink City, and home to a theatre and the town hall. Its interior is just as sumptuous as its exterior, with a Hall of Mirrors, magnificent paintings, and the renowned Salle des Illustres.

The Originals Boutique, Hotel Maison Montmartre, Paris


Pass the ring road and lose yourself in the Saint-Ouen flea market. It is not less than 7 hectares, more than 10 markets and nearly 2,000 merchants that you can discover. What to do at the flea market? Stroll through the antiques/flea markets and vintage, clothing and professional markets. Eat in one of the many restaurants and take part in the life of this district with various events such as the Flea Festival, Jazz-musette festival or exhibitions.

The Originals City, Hotel Napoléon, La Roche-sur-Yon


Just a ten-minute walk from the hotel, the Vendée Stud Farm is a world apart devoted entirely to horses. Set off in search of a wide variety of majestic horses in the 4.5 hectare grounds. This is one of the biggest stud farms in France where you can admire a host of thoroughbred stallions and French Trotters and discover the stud farm occupations and horse culture.


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